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Healthy Server Backup Services


Can you really afford not to perform regular backups?

Amherst Partners offers on-site and off-site backup services through our partnership with Carroll-Net, Inc. of Hackensack, New Jersey.  Carroll-Net has been in the Disaster Protection Business since 1994. Since that time their customers were exposed to, but protected from the following high profile disasters:

  • 1999 - Hurricane Floyd
  • 2003 - Northeast Blackout
  • 2008 - Hurricane Ike
  • 2001 - September 11th
  • 2005 - Hurricane Katrina

healthy-server-logoCarroll-Net offers unparalleled local and remote backup. Each customer receives a Free Backup Server. Every day, each customer gets a Three Way Backup; Backup On-site, Backup Off-site and Backup to Archive. And Carroll-Net will make sure it works simply and dependably.


Carroll-Net's Data Center Technology

Carroll-Net is committed to using only the latest, most reliable technologies. Today that means Dell Power Edge servers, VMWare ESX virtualization, EMC storage, ADIC libraries, Cisco routers and switches, Verizon Fiber Optic circuits, BGP-4 Multi-homed Internet, Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition and W2K3 PKI Certificate Infrastructure.

Their facility features; Onan diesel powered generators with seven day supply, N+1 HVAC, APC UPS's, and to defend against disaster from rising water their facility is physically located in a 200-year flood plain.

Backup Network Operations Center (NOC)

Carroll-Net uses cutting edge Datacenter technology -- the latest virtualization systems and state of the art storage networks. But all technology, even great technology, will only catch predictable errors. To catch new and unexpected situations requires passionate people. That's why everyday, Carroll-Net engineers carefully watch over your backups. They comb through logs, spot check changes, review exceptions and even anticipate server failures – all so you don't have to.

For more information you can visit the Carroll-Net website at You are also welcome to call Carroll-Net direct at (888) 432-1638. And if you do call them please tell them you found them on the Amherst Partners website.


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