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Amherst Partners Maintenance Plans

The following optional maintenance plans are available and cover software updates to our servers, the Joomla CMS platform, and any additional extensions that have been added to the Joomla CMS platform1. These optional plans also cover website recovery in the event that your website gets hacked. While Amherst Partners uses a variety of server level and Joomla level security services to prevent sites from being compromised we cannot guarantee that from time to time a website won’t be hacked - no one can.

For most clients Plan 1 is recommended. If you do not choose a maintenance plan you will automatically be placed into Plan 2.

  • Plan 1 – for Joomla 3.7.* sites only – For $425/Year2 this plan covers all mandatory (and optional) site software updates and regular full site backups for a year. And, as an extra bonus, if your site is hacked or becomes unavailable for any reason Amherst Partners will work to get your site back online at no extra cost to you.
  • Plan 2 - For no yearly cost I will “lock down the site” at the current level and will not apply any updates to anything without first getting your permission. Then, any required upgrades will be done at my $85/hour. Typical updates occur about every other month and take between 30 and 60 minutes. I will keep the most current backup of the full site in case of a major site failure due to technical reasons or to hackers.
  • Plan 3 - Same as Plan 2 except I will not request prior approval when security updates are needed and the rate will be $65/hour. I will simply make the updates and invoice at the end of each month as necessary.

In both plans 2 and 3 should your site be hacked or become unavailable for any reason I will restore it to working order for a minimum charge of $250. Should it take longer than 2 hours to recover your site the additional time will be billed at the technical rate of the plan you have selected (Plan 2 or 3 only).

  1. Plan 1 is only available for Joomla sites that are at Joomla Core Version 3.7.* and greater, Plans 2 and 3 are available for Joomla Core Versions 2.5.* and greater. All older sites are simply backed up and locked down at their current versions.
  2. Billing for this plan will commence on the renewal date for your hosting account. If you select this plan for activation on a date prior to your yearly hosting renewal you will be billed for the number of months between now and your hosting renewal date at the rate of $35.42/month

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