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Clark, Leighton, & Thomas, P.C.

clark-leighton-thomas-800Clark, Leighton, & Thomas, P.C.  - also known as Kayser, Clark, & Leighton - chose Amherst Partners to design and develop their new website. Amherst Partners chose SweetShot Photography to take the required photos for the site. The new logo and the site's rotating top banner and color scheme were designed by Weber Stave Design, LLC. This site is a prime example of a successful collaboration between website developer, photographer, and graphic designer.

"At Clark, Leighton, & Thomas we strive to provide state of the art dental therapy which produces the finest dental health and improves the quality of life of our patients in a caring and trusting atmosphere. We treat patients in such a way that they will encourage their relatives and friends to visit our office."

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What customers think...

Hi Mike,

When I first contemplated setting up a website to promote my DUCSĀ® suspenders, I had no concept of the complexities ahead. The process was far more involved than I had expected . Without your insight, technical advice, and overall expertise, I would have been lost. Your ability to make changes, almost faster than I can explain them to you is uncanny.

I have used the Internet as a consumer but had no idea of the amount of work that goes into setting up and integrating the "store", the money handler, the advertising program, etc. I wouldn't have known where to start!

Please feel free to tell your prospective clients that you have my highest possible recommendation.

Best Regards,

Dave Hall, Sr.
DUCSĀ® Suspenders, LLC

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